Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Letter to Beauty

A while back, I posted about the Team True Beauty Anniversary event and the beautifully honest and incredible speech given by Ambassador Shantel VanSanten.  In her speech, Shantel recited a letter she had written, a letter to Beauty.  It seems like such a simple concept, but really, who actually stops to recognize that we are treating an idea like it's royalty- Giving power over ourselves to something society says is important.  But is it?  A lot of people believe it is, and it's hard to emphasize inner beauty in a world that revolves around magazines, models and cosmetic enhancements.  How do you teach a little girl to believe that she is beautiful when everything around her is telling her otherwise.  This letter to beauty is a perfect statement of how we should approach changing the situation.  And that is exactly what these girls did!!!  This video is a collage of several different young women (True Beauty Supporters) reciting Shantel's letter to beauty.  I was in tears when I heard Shantel recite strong and so truthful, and this just confirms how true her words are.  They have touched so many people, and are contributing to a world wide change.
Thanks again, True Beauty... and Shantel, for your strength and your continued support.

Letter to Beauty

Love True,


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