Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Dream Big..."

I saw this quote on an athlete's bracelet... it spoke to me, so I thought I would share it with you.

"Dream big. Work hard."

Such plain and simple words that really hit me when I read them.  If only we looked at life that simply.  Dream your dreams, and work hard to achieve them, don't stop or surrender for anything.  So often I have let outside obstacles get in the way or knock me off task on the way to achieving something I dreamed of.  In gymnastics it was very black and white.  I had a goal, and I worked each day to achieve it.  Usually it was getting a new skill or combination or higher score, and my obstacles were most frequently my fear.

Now, my goals are a little more grey.  I don't have answers for everything, and taking one more turn isn't going to help me the way it used to.  But still, I wan't to live by those words, "dream big, work hard."  Even though the lines are a little hazy, and I'm not certain what lies ahead... I'm not going to stop dreaming.  I may not be sure what the hard work entails anymore, but I'll figure it out.  If I keep dreaming, eventually I'll figure it out, right?

Day 16: What are your goals?  Say them (or just one of them) out loud to yourself and write a plan of action.  How do you plan to get there?  Figure out your plan, and start working hard!

Love True-


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