Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ralph Marston

"Going forward through the obstacles may indeed be difficult. Yet it is a far better path than going backwards in retreat."

I found this quote via twitter, from the Daily Motivator himself, Ralph Marston.  I am a recent follower of Mr. Marston and I am already a loyal follower of his message.  Ralph speaks a great deal about personal development, and as many of you know, that is something I strive for daily.  It's not always an easy challenge, but it's a worthwhile one.  

The daily challenges are something I share with you all as a way of encouraging you (and myself) to be the person that {WE} each want to become.  What kind of a person would I be if I wasn't willing to do the challenges myself?! 

Going through obstacles can be very difficult, and it is often our first instinct to back down, curl up and wish the situation away.  Unfortunately for those of us who like to slink back in our corners and wait for  the waters to calm... our problems are usually waiting for us no matter how long we sit waiting for the storm to pass.  

The better path to choose is going forward, through the mess.  Whatever the mess may be, it can never be worse than moving backwards.  If you are going forward, you will eventually get through it... that is a sure thing.  Never surrender to the obstacles that come your way.  Stand tall and move forward, don't stand still, don't hide in fear... Walk.  

Day 13: The next time you are feeling that an obstacle is too big to overcome, take one step forward.  One step in the right direction is one step closer to climbing right over that obstacle.  Oh, and follow @RalphMarston on twitter or check out his website!
The Daily Motivator

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