Friday, September 2, 2011

Team True Beauty

Life is Beautiful... that's what I believe despite certain things that have happened in my life that could lead me to think otherwise.  Don't get me wrong, because I have led an amazing life full of love and opportunities and I am so grateful.  However, I have struggled with a pretty severe inner battle that threatened the person I could become.  I have been extremely lucky to have some pretty incredible people in my life, that weren't about to watch me self destruct.  To them, I am eternally grateful.

Recently, I wrote about a new organization I came across called, Team True Beauty.  It is a team of individuals who have created a powerful new movement to help spread the word about eating disorders and help promote a healthy body image.  Their mission is simple, to change the way we see beauty.  Beauty comes from within... and is not a reflection of your waistline, or your bra size... or your reflection (ironic, huh?)  Anyway, I was so moved by this group of people that I decided to share my story with them.  Kind of a bold move, because it's not really a time in my life that I am proud of.  However, one of my rather lofty ambitions in life is to make a difference in the world, and this is something I feel very strongly about.

So I wrote to them.  First, I said thank you... for what they are doing to help girls everywhere, and for inspiring me to share my story.  Then I poured my heart out, in the hopes that maybe one person could be helped by my story.  Little did I know, they were going to share my story with the world!

I received an email back thanking me for sharing my story.  Then, the vice-president of the organization told me that my story would be posted on their official website, as well as on one of their Celebrity supporter's websites (Daphne Zuniga, who I absolutely adore!).  I was completely floored!  Here I am, scared to share my story, but wanting to help maybe one person... and now it is there for everyone to see!  I felt so empowered, and so proud of myself in that moment.  It made me feel like all of my struggles and everything I went through were totally worth it, if my story could help someone else!

Please check out Team True Beauty on Facebook or Twitter, or just check out their website!  I am such a believer in their mission, and I am going to do whatever it takes to keep spreading their message!  Also, thanks for being such loyal followers! I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful friends who support me in this!  I love you all!

Love True-
Team True Beauty

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