Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shantel VanSanten

"What matters is what's in your heart, what your goals are and what kind of life you want to lead." -Shantel VanSanten

Wow. Such beautiful words from an incredibly amazing woman!  If you don't know Shantel VanSanten, you should!  She is currently stars as Quinn in the WB series, One Tree Hill.  Shantel is also quite the philanthropist.  She has done extensive work as a spokesperson for Team True Beauty, an organization devoted to raising awareness about eating disorders and promoting a healthy body image.  

In an interview, Shantel spoke about her own struggles, and why it means so much to her to help other young women through their own inner battles.  Reading her words brought me to tears, because I have also struggled in the same way she has (as millions of other young women have).  She is such a positive influence for young girls.  

"I just hope people can find it within themselves to embrace exactly who they are and NOT just what you look like on the outside."  

Such beautiful words.  I hope everyone who reads this article can relate... and take the time to take Shantel's advice.  If we all could do this for ourselves, we could start a revolution among women... set new standards for beautiful, and change the way the world looks at people.

Day 11: Take the time to embrace your inner beauty, and then help someone else do the same.  Start a chain reaction... start a revolution! 

Love True,

Team True Beauty Interview- Shantel VanSanten

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