Friday, January 10, 2014

When I grow up...

I often think about going back to school.  Never mind the insane amount of college loans I already have to pay off from my six-year education at UW-Whitewater.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful to have been able to earn my degrees at a place I now consider my home.  The debts I could do without.  But who doesn’t have college loans to pay back these days? 

As I am teaching and coaching, I am surrounded by higher education.  It is hard not to get bitten by the study bug.  No, I am not interested in taking exams or staying up until 3am to finish a paper… but a small part of me misses the feeling you get when you finally understand a concept (similar to getting a new skill in gymnastics- something I’m also missing these days). 

In considering going back to school (something I probably won’t do again until after I have children) I often think of things I would like to do… or “be when I grow up.” Such a funny concept to me, since by society’s standards I am very much a grown up, it’s just hard for me to remember that sometimes. 
Some things I’ve always wanted to try:

-       Criminal Justice:  Yes… I know what you’re thinking (bitch, please).  I can guarantee you I was bitten by the “ALIAS” bug, in glamorizing the espionage lifestyle.  I still watch the show to this day, and I love every second of it.  Though in my right brain, I know I could never handle being a spy.  I can’t run in heels.

-       Acting/Singing: Oh how I miss the stage.  Some of my best memories from high school were in front of hundreds of people.  Singing on the Grand Ole Opry stage, is something that I will NEVER forget, and though my steering wheel and shower head can both agree that I deserve a Tony Award… I’m not so sure anyone else would. 

-       Counseling/Therapy: It’s no secret that I’ve utilized these services, and I am a huge advocate for them.  The stigma that surrounds getting help for mental health ANGERS me, and I wish like hell I could do something to dispel those stereotypes.  I love talking to people and helping them sort through their problems, and sometimes I really wish I had a degree in psychology or counseling so that I could truly offer help.  Support is one thing (and I’m getting pretty good at that) but HELP is another thing.  Not to mention, that type of degree could make my job (coaching elementary-college aged girls) a hell of a lot easier! HAHA! 

-       Motivational speaker/Philanthropist: When I first got to Whitewater, my major was communications.  I was leaning towards broadcast journalism… I was even in the honors college.  But my first speech class was enough to remind me that my true passion was indeed, health related.  Sometime, I’d like to revisit that career path, and develop my speaking.  I’ve always said, I’m a much better writer than I am a speaker… but I’d definitely like to better those speaking skills!

Like I said, these are all things I’ve thought about becoming at some point in my life.  They are fun dreams to have, and perhaps they are goals I may pursue sometime in the future.  Maybe I’ll go back to school someday… only God knows.  He’s probably chuckling at my plans.  Who knows… maybe someday I’ll wind up as a Motivational Speaker and Counselor who doubles as a CIA operative to bring good to the world.  I’ll definitely be able to use those singing and acting skills as an agent! ;-) 

Dream big people…

Love True,


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