Sunday, January 5, 2014

I Want to See You Be Brave

Have you ever been so blown away by a person's generosity that you were at a loss for words??  That happened to me today.  Well, not too me... the generosity displayed was between two people I barely know, but the sheer magnitude of what I witnessed melted my heart and completely opened my eyes today, to a new kind of compassion.

At church today, someone mentioned a brand new member who needed a ride home from service.  As a relatively new member of the church, I continue to be blown away by the kindness and openness that is just overflowing among these beautiful Christians.  A few friends of mine, some I know well, some I'm getting to know, and some I met today planned to gather at someones house and make brunch.  A day of relaxation and fellowship sounded truly magnificent to me, and of course I was all in!

Of course these wonderful friends of mine invited the "new girl" who is an international student from an incredibly warm climate to join us.  She was wonderful, and I truly enjoyed learning about her culture and her faith.

While we were chatting and preparing a ridiculously delicious brunch, another young woman (who I met today) came over bearing gifts.  Lots of gifts.  Not only did this beautiful soul bring two amazing dishes to the brunch, she came with a huge tote bag full of winter coats, turtle necks, sweatshirts and other warm clothing for our African friend.  Upon meeting her at church, this individual promptly went home and dug right into her own closet to make sure that this young woman was warm enough in this frigid Wisconsin climate.

As she pulled out one piece of clothing after another, it was all I could do to not burst into tears.  I was so moved by her selflessness I immediately thought to myself, what could I spare??  Do I have anything I could share with this person in need, or other people in need???

So often, I find myself with great ideas, positive intentions and inspiring direction.  Yet, I would be a liar if I said I always followed through with them.  If I had actually done a good deed, a truly selfless act, every time I thought of one... maybe I would have been the one who boldly clothed this girl today. I think sometimes those outrageous acts of kindness can be scary.  Putting yourself in a position to really give of yourself can make you feel vulnerable, and yet, I can only imagine how absolutely invigorating it can be.  

So I am going to challenge you all to be brave.  The next time that a random or premeditated act of generosity pops into your head, act on it.  I will.  Say what you want to say to people.  Reach out and make someone a believer in kindness.  I WANT TO SEE YOU BE BRAVE!

Love True,

Sara Bareilles- "Brave"

(I love this song)

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