Saturday, January 11, 2014

First Meet

I couldn't sleep last night.  I know, you're all shocked.

Okay, I slept better than the last time we had a meet.

Our drive to Eau Claire last night was far more exciting than it should have been.  Southern Wisconsin brought on a wicked ice storm and the farther we traveled, the more snow we saw.  It was a long trek, and the three hour drive, quickly turned into a 5 hour drive.  (I'm using the term "quickly" quite loosely).

My initial, "kid on Christmas Eve," mentality took over as soon as we arrived at the hotel.  The first meet of the season is always nerve-racking, as it's been SO long since we've gone through this.

And yet,  as I got up this morning and started to get ready, I found myself on the ever comfortable auto-pilot setting.  I got dressed in my purple and black warm ups, put on my "Driven by Passion" Warhawk t-shirt, packed up my bag for the gym, and wandered down to the hotel lobby to get some coffee in my system (it's freakin early, folks).

As I sit in the lobby, sipping my coffee and waiting for the girls to come down, I remember what I used to feel like the morning of a meet.  This empty feeling in my stomach where nerves would take up residence.  It's funny, because that's kind of how I'm feeling now.  Wait… am I competing???

I guess this feeling never goes away.  I'm not complaining at all, because it's what drives me.  I love this feeling, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON or event that brings it on.  With my Avery ribbon pinned securely on my jacket, and the coolest gentleman playing the guitar for us this morning (he sang, "He Loves You" which I'm sure Avery would have been so happy about)… I think we're ready!

Let's go Hawks!  Time to believe in each other and remember why we are here!! DRIVEN BY PASSION!

Love True,

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