Monday, October 17, 2016

An Open letter to that girl at #GIRL2016

Hey Girl!

Well, we made it happen... we finally met. We traveled from our perspective ends of the universe to finally embrace in each other's precious company. I don't know about you, but I thought it was pretty damn magical. And maybe we didn't have the privilege of make EVERYONE'S acquaintance (because lets face it, there were 300 of us), but simply sharing that space with you was a complete treasure.

This mission that brought us into each other's lives, our reason for connecting and our shared passion for life gives me so much hope. Whatever it was that led you to I AM THAT GIRL, whether it was a struggle, a triumph, a set back, accomplishing a goal, a fear, a joy or a complete tragedy... be grateful for it... because now you're here, and here is a good place to be.

Getting here may have been an easy journey for you, or it could have been years of an uphill battle, but you made it. This community needs you here, the world needs you here, I need you here. Because here is everywhere. Here, at IATG, is a tangible feeling felt everywhere... not just while in each other's arms at a theater in LA. Here is in the late night text messages, the Facebook & Instagram posts, and the three hour Skype sessions across oceans and time zones. Here is in the love letters sent via snail mail and here is in each of your communities where you share the love you receive with others who may need to find what it means to be here.

Photo credit: I AM THAT GIRL, Twitter account
This community's strength is found in the depths of your soul and in the light that you shine every single day. So, even though we are no longer in the arms of one another, please remember that our bond is far stronger than the miles that lie between us. And when it comes time to cut that piece of multicolored string off your wrist, know that the ties that bind you to each other will not unravel. Go forward from this experience knowing you have effected my whole heart and the hearts of so many women. You are strong, you are capable, you are inspiring, you are needed here, you are beautyfull and you are so much more than ENOUGH.

The universe has handed us a grand opportunity... to be the best versions of ourselves, together. Can you even imagine the mark we can leave on this world? I hope that you continue to use your voice and your gifts as you carry on this journey. You are a warrior princess of this cultural shift and I am thankful for you every single day. As I sit on this plane, filled to the absolute brim with gratitude, I can only pray that this world is good to you, my sweet Anam Cara. And when it's not, know that we're here, I'm here... and some day soon we will again find ourselves in each other's presence sharing hearts, holding hands and celebrating the magic that is sparked when women who believe in the one another share space together.

So, sweet girl, until that magical time we meet again, when we are able to sway back and forth singing the anthems of our tribe at the tippy top of our lungs... I will keep you in my heart. I have cried so many joyful tears knowing the amount of truth and love that exists within the confines of our sisterhood can move mountains... so that's what we will do. Do not be sad that we are no longer together. We were always meant to go our separate ways. Coming together was an opportunity to fuel our passion and to set out on our own individual journeys to change this world. So I am wishing you endless growth, gratitude and grace on your beautiful journey. Thank you for touching my soul, and for allowing me to be a part of your inspiring story.
Photo credit: I AM THAT GIRL, Twitter account

All my love forever,


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  1. This describes my feelings so well... thank you for putting it into words <3