Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Love Letter to Me

So that courage I was talking about last time... here's where it led.

I had an article due for I AM THAT GIRL for the month of February. I knew that it would probably go up toward the end of the month. You know what else is at the end of the month of February??? National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. BAM.

The idea hit me like a big yellow school bus.

So I wrote to my editor, and asked her thoughts. I wanted to know if they had done anything for NEDA week before, and if she thought my idea would be worth pursuing.

They Hadn't.

And she did...

So I wrote a letter to my former self. The person I used to be when I was very, very sick. And I clicked send.

HOLY SHIT!!!  << that's me freaking out after hitting the send button.

Too late now, incredibly vulnerable and self revealing letter to myself has been sent...

Fast forward 2 weeks and I'm waiting for the post.

NOTHING on Monday or Tuesday.

Wednesday? Nope.

Wait... Why hasn't it gone up.

When Saturday passed I felt hopeless.

Sunday, I was just plain depressed.

NEDA week had come and gone and there was no sign of my incredibly personal and raw article.

I was so confused.

(Well, it turns out I was confused for no reason. There was a clerical error and my article didn't get posted when it should have. Nothing malicious, just a mistake... and it got posted on Tuesday afternoon)

By Wednesday evening (tonight) there are almost 2000 likes 17 comments and over 200 shares of my article. The love I've received in response to posting this letter is tremendous and overwhelming! I can't believe what has come from sharing just a little bit of myself with the world.

You can see my article here: A Love Letter to Me: Healing an Eating Disorder

Being brave can be liberating... go on... I dare you! I want to see you be BRAVE!

Love True,


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