Sunday, August 17, 2014


The first time I held my God Daughter,
Quinn. #indescribableLove
Over the summer I have had several weddings, graduation parties, anniversary parties and family get togethers where I've spent time and reconnected with several different types of people.  Whether they were high school friends, friends of my parents, family members or friends of the family, new friends and old friends alike… everyone wants to know one thing…

"Are you seeing anyone." Cue sympathetic head nod and pat on the shoulder when I very confidently respond, "Nope!"

Now, I am going to do my best to refrain from hopping up on a soap box and ranting about why it's nobody's damn business why I'm single, and it would be easy to shake it off (even though it happens ALL THE FREAKING TIME) if it weren't for the condescending head nods.  Why on Earth does the fact that I am single, and happy, by the way, warrant a gesture you would give someone who's dog just died?
30 years of marriage selfie.

---end rant---

Coaching my favorite collegiate girls.
I do see the sweet side of these comments.  I know that in asking, people are typically only wishing me well and hoping for happiness.  And despite my tactless rant above… I do appreciate that people care.  A lot.  I am a very lucky girl, and though I am single, and happy, I do want all of those people to know that I haven't given up on love.

I see it every day.  I have two amazing parents who celebrated their 30th anniversary this summer.  I have friends who have taken vows and shared love to create beautiful children.

These faces… and their #trueLove
I also, experience love every day in the amazing souls I get to work with in the gym.  Gymnastics… my first love.

I know that none of these examples pair me with the man of my dreams and tell my happily ever after story.  However, I know that's coming.  It may be soon, and it may be years away (let's all keep praying for sooner rather than later), but it'll happen when it's supposed to.

So thank you, to those who care enough to ask… and forgive the snarky remarks from this sarcastic writer.  Yes, I am currently flying solo.  No, I don't hate you for making it awkward.  And yes, I still believe in love.

And this song will prove it.

Jana Kramer- "Love"

Thanks Jana, for your sweet and inspiring song.

Love True,


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