Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thank You, Mom

The Olympics are in full swing, and the country is sitting, waiting, watching for team USA to bring home as many medals as possible in all of the various sports.  It is such a magnificent time that occurs every four years that truly brings this country together.  One of the highlights of the Olympics is always the Gymnastics competition; a sport that completely eludes most individuals, but is nothing but comfort to me.  I have sat on my couch for the past 5 days, watching opening ceremonies, and every gymnastics (and many other sports) competition that has aired, each day finding myself in tears.  I don't know what it is about this sport that draws out so much emotion, but day after day, the tears continue to flow.  Though the gymnastics itself get's me all kinds of emotional, the commercials, this year, have been doing a damn good job soliciting my tears.

P&G has had a series of commercials featuring different athletes and their moms titled "Thank you, Mom."  These images are so raw and so touching that I have no doubt that a former athlete must have directed them all.  There is something about an athlete's relationship with his or her mother that only makes sense to them.  All of the early morning wake ups, driving to and from practice, shelling out money for this uniform, or that competition fee, private lessons, and team practices, specially cooked dinner well after the family has eaten, spending entire weekends cooped up in a gym or on a field, counseling sessions when we all wanted to quit (and let's be serious, we all did.), countless doctors appointments, casts, surgeries, rehab and doubting ourselves; EVERYTHING was made easier knowing that one person was there, one person didn't really care if you took first, one person unconditionally loved you and supported you and only wanted to see you enjoy the thing you loved most.  

Okay, I know I'm dreaming when I think that every kid must have had a mom as great as mine, but honestly, it saddens me to think otherwise.  I know not every mom would have been okay with second, or third, or tenth place, or not qualifying to nationals, or even wanting to quit the sport she had sacrificed so much for me to do.  I also know that not every mom would let their kid go back to a sport that ravaged their body into two reconstructive surgeries, because I wasn't ready to let it go.  

My amazing Mom and I at the last meet of my collegiate career.
My Mom was with out a doubt, the definition of a great mom.  She still is.  I have no idea where I would be without her and everything she has done for me.  She has taught me kindness, compassion, strength, perseverance and courage... all things that I needed to be a good athlete, but more importantly, all things that I still need to be a good person.  I would share her with the world if I could, because I think that every kid deserves to have a mom like mine.  

I've posted two of the Proctor and Gamble videos that truly touched me.  Although, I invite you all to head to the P&G website and check out all of their "Raising an Olympian" videos.  They are truly inspiring.  I love the "kids" video, but I truly adore the second one.  I think it speaks so true to what Moms do each day.  Thanks to my amazing mom (and spectacular dad!) for allowing me to chase my dreams in the sport that I love so much.  They have even supported my goals to be a great coach!  Nothing has been easy, but I guess nothing that is worth it ever is!  I learned that from my wonderful, inspiring and loving parents- and I am very much looking forward to the day I can share this love with my own kids!  Thanks, Mom (and Dad!) I love you both more than words will ever say!

Love True,

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