Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Life Ain't Always Beautiful"

Hey Y'all!

I hope you're having a great week!  I know the title of this post may seem a little cooky considering the title of my blog is LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL... but I promise, you'll understand!

Everyone has days where they feel as life is out to get them.  As a college athlete there were definitely days when I couldn't see the light!  Things seemed like they would never get easier, my body was in pain and several times I thought about calling it quits.  The greatest tools for coping with these days (for me) was songs!  I found song after song after song that spoke to me depending on the lyrics.  One of the songs that really helped me out was a hit from Gary Allen.

"Life aint always beautiful
Sometimes it's just plain hard
Life can knock you down, it can break your heart

Life aint always beautiful
You think you're on your way
And it's just a dead end road at the end of the day

But the struggles make you stronger
And the changes make you wise
And happiness has its own way of takin it's sweet time

No, life aint always beautiful
Tears will fall sometimes
Life aint always beautiful
But it's a beautiful ride

Life aint always beautiful
Some days I miss your smile
I get tired of walkin all these lonely miles

And I wish for just one minute
I could see your pretty face
Guess I can dream, but life don’t work that way

But the struggles make me stronger
And the changes make me wise
And happiness has its own way of takin it's sweet time

No, life aint always beautiful
But i know i'll be fine
Hey, life aint always beautiful
But it's a beautiful ride
What a beautiful ride"

This song is such a testament to perseverance.  Sometimes, life can sneak up and bite you in the ass... it's about how you handle the hard times that helps to shape the person you will become.  At any given moment, things can seem like the absolute worst they could possibly be.  It's important to remember that someday you will be able to look back on this moment and appreciate it for all of it's challenges because it has contributed to who you are today.  

Day 2: Think of a time that you really struggled ... perhaps it is something you are currently going through... When life was hard to deal with- and think about what you learned from that experience, how it changed you for the better.  It may not have been an instant "better" but I bet you can come up with something good that came from it! Go ahead... "It's a beautiful ride!"


Gary Allen- Life Ain't Always Beautiful

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