Sunday, September 20, 2015

"The dream is what you imagine…"

Its been a while since I’ve written a blog specifically for myself. It’s not that I haven’t been writing, because I have, mostly for I AM THAT GIRL, but I’ve also been working on a secret project I’m not ready to talk about. I promise, that when I am, you’ll be the first ones to know J

There are a couple of reasons you haven’t heard from me lately. First because my writing for I AM THAT GIRL has a deadline, and that typically becomes the priority… and second, most days I am so damn tired I can’t concentrate long enough to formulate a concise thought.

Not kidding.

I’ve been overwhelmed a lot lately, trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle. I have so many roles that I play and sometimes I find myself forgetting who I am supposed to be in any given moment. Am I the employee or the boss, the intern or the supervisor, the teacher or the coach, the faculty advisor or the chapter member, the sister, the daughter, the grand daughter, the friend, the writer, the mentor or the mentee?

Sometimes it’s hard to keep all of my roles straight, and I wonder if other people struggle with the same fear… of completely losing sight of who I am in all of these characters that I am portraying each day.

Two days ago I came across an article on Facebook. It was an interview with my long time (S)HERO. Now, I love Sophia Bush for a number of reasons. Like any teen of early 2000s I lived and breathed One Tree Hill. But it was when I joined Twitter and started following Sophia that I learned her super power was not acting.

Sophia is a remarkable human being. She is a culture shifter, a voice for those who cannot speak and an incredible warrior for change. She is an activist and a philanthropist and a humanist and I praise God every day for her; because following Sophia brought me to I AM THAT GIRL, and I AM THAT GIRL has changed my life, enhanced my life and I may even go so far as to say it saved my life. (Why I love IATG and how it's Changed My Life)

The article talked about all of Sophia’s endeavors… and if I thought I wore a lot of hats, you should check out her collection HERE – Near the end of the article, she is quoted with four sentences that completely adjusted my perspective on the hectic and exhausting lifestyle I lead:

“The dream is what you imagine, the hustle is what you have to do to actually live it and the hustle is hard, no matter what career path you’re in. I’m so excited about life, and I’m exhausted. I’m happiest when I’m doing 10 things at once. It’s what I wished for.” –Sophia Bush

Amen girl. Thank you for your incredible perspective! For as overwhelmed as I get at times… I am so lucky to be doing so many amazing things that I am passionate about. Sure, I run a risk of becoming incredibly overwhelmed and it can be confusing having so many roles… but the truly beautiful part is that I get to share my heart every day in multiple facets and work with so many different and inspiring people. It’s amazing really, how someone I’ve never met can help me see something so deep within my soul. Since reading the article the other day, I’ve had the most inspired outlook on my life and all of the crazy, random and truly beautiful pieces that together, create this stunning mosaic that is the perfect depiction of my life.

Everyone longs to live out their dream… lucky for me, I have so many dreams I get to live on a regular basis. Am I done yet? Hell no. I have so much more I want and NEED to do…  and with living proof that it’s possible (thanks, girl), I know I can maintain the hustle. Because the hustle is what it takes, and that is entirely worth it.

Love True,


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