Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Skewed Vision

I got angry today.  I'm not the type of person that gets angry easily, but let me explain what happened this morning.

I came home from teaching my morning class (I teach a parent-tot gymnastics class... and yes, it's as cute as it sounds) and began to get ready for the rest of my day.  A habit I've developed while living alone is to have the TV on for background noise.  I never feel completely by myself with the TV on.  Anyway, cue background noise, and me at my computer... when I hear a conversation about body image.  Naturally, my curiosity spikes and I tune in to what is being said.  A talk show was discussing a "look better naked" issue of a magazine.  Apparently, several celebrities posed nude for this particular magazine issue.  Included in the issue, the celebrities talk about their own "body issues" and what they have struggled with.  The hosts of said talk show mocked these celebrities asking, "what body issues?" They went on to discuss how they don't think that the average woman would benefit from reading this article, because all of the celebrities pictured are very thin.  One of the talk show hosts said she wanted to see "a woman like me! But nobody wants to see me naked!"  Who says that is true?! And, why do these hosts automatically think that skinny people can't have body issues!

First of all, yes, these women are beautiful... you can't argue that Heidi Klum, Maria Menunos and Debra Messing aren't gorgeous.  However, who are you to say that they didn't struggle the way you have.  Sure, you may think they are beautiful, but body image is an INTERNAL thing.  Just because a person is overweight, or underweight, or has scars or pimples, doesn't mean they hate themselves... it doesn't mean they are happy either.  It doesn't mean anything... except that they are overweight or underweight or have scars or have pimples.  Just because a woman smiles doesn't mean she is happy... and just because a woman cries doesn't mean she hates herself.  Appearance is just that... APPEARANCE, and life isn't always what it appears to be.  I really despise judgement.  And I'm not going to judge the women who said these things, because who knows what they deal with internally on a daily basis... not me.  I would never assume anything about them.  But I would hope that they could learn to do the same someday.  That is what frustrates me.  Can we all just show a little compassion for one another regardless of size, beauty, or celebrity?  We have been objectified long enough, and conversations like the one I saw on TV today are only adding to the confusion in the media.  Stop assuming things about people, and start standing up for women.  Not fat women, not thin, JUST WOMEN!  We can make this change if we want to... we just need to start speaking out!

Day 27: If something irks you the wrong way... don't be afraid to speak out.  Don't hold your tongue... "you must be the change you wish to see in the world." -Mahatma Ghandi

Love True,

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